Sniph in press

7 mars 2019

"A great way to chance up your scent and have something to look forward to each month."

24 December 2018

"Changing the beauty game: With a curated perfume subscription service that lets you try different fragrances each month. Sample scents from all corners of the globe with expert advice until you find one that's unique to you."


3 August 2018

"With there being increasing interest in niche fragrances – and more out there than ever before – Sniph are onto a winner with their scent subscription service. Pronounced ‘sniff’ (you got that, right?); it’s both virtual and tangible, and more than a sample service."


6 February 2018 

"Valentine's Day gifts for him that he'll actually like..."

January 11 2018

"The latest fashion is to build up a ‘scent wardrobe’ of fragrances that can be tailored for each occasion."

December 26 2017

"Big brands have advocated having one signature scent for so long, to keep you coming back to one fragrance. However, the concept of finding your one and only ‘signature scent’ is outdated and actually quite a boring way of approaching the power of scents”.


December 19 2017

"Bespoke, personalised beauty products are set to be one of the biggest trends in 2018, as skincare, make-up and fragrance brands increasingly put you at the heart of what they do."

November 21 2017

”Subscription services are certainly the vogue right now...”