We live in an age of distraction. Always longing to be somewhere else or planning what to do next – often while we work, sleep or cuddle with a partner. We can’t offer you more hours in the day, but we can make those hours more meaningful. Our Presence Collection is all about focusing on the now and being present for what you love. To our first line of room scents, three fragrances have been carefully designed for this collection, curated to facilitate specific emotions. Upon our members’ request, the scents are available as both scented candles and room mists.


Enhance love – intimacy


Appease existence – serenity


Fortifying persistence – energy

"The goal was to create room scents that are unlike anything else"

With their members' wishes safely wrapped up in the hand luggage, Sniph's co-founders traveled to Paris. Sniph's product manager describes the journey and the innovative work that preceded the groundbreaking Presence Collection.

Fragrance and intimacy connects in the brain

Science has learned that smells can trigger desire, and that a specific scent can put us in just the right mood for - almost everything. How many texts about getting a better sex life have you read in the past year? This is not one of those texts.

The healing breath - about fragrance, breathing and relaxation

Breathe in, really deep, what scents do you notice? Both the breath and the scent can touch you deeply. Read more about how volatile scent chemistry and deep breaths actually can make you a more harmonic, relaxed and insightful person.

The story of refreshing scents

The human sense of smell has been the same for more than 6 000 years. There are scientists believing that is the reason most of us experience certain scents the same, as extra energizing.

Aromachology - the power of fragrance over man

We are emotionally affected by scents, it is scientifically proven. Sniph is taking a closer look at aromachology, a branch of science that has found major connections between our mood, our behavior and what the brain's scent center constantly snatches picks up from the air.

Sniph is a discovery service that makes it easy and fun to explore new scents. Every month we'll send you small bottles of brand name perfumes to be used in our smart case. The subscription starts at £14 a month, without commitments.