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What is Sniph?

Sniph is a subscription service that makes it easy and fun to discover new scents. We select fragrances from the best brands on the market and send you a monthly delivery of 8 ml bottles, which you use in our smart case. The subscription costs £15.99 / mo and can be cancelled at any time.

How does Sniph work?

You choose one of our collections, which are composed of different fragrance profiles. Each month, you get a scent from an exclusive brand sent to you in an 8 ml bottle. With your first delivery, you receive our designed case, where you insert your scent. You can change collection or pause your subscription whenever you want. 

Sniph case how to use

What perfumes do you send?

The bottle you receive contains 8 ml of authentic perfume from a curated selection of luxurious brands and fragrance houses, some very famous and others less discovered. Sniph picks up the perfume with the approval of manufacturers and responsible authorities. Prior to each delivery, we carefully choose which fragrances we think fit for each collection. Choices are based on our experience, odor tests and current perfume trends. The perfumes you get vary from month to month.

Can I choose perfume myself?

We are working hard to provide you with personal recommendations as well as a function that lets you choose fragrance all by yourself. At the moment, we let you choose which collection you like the most and send you a scent based on that. Keep an eye out on our newsletter and Instagram for latest news on our product development!

How do you know I will like the scent you send?

We take our mission seriously and carefully select the fragrances we send you. When we choose scents, we weigh in our own experience, reviews of the scent and ratings and insights from the industry. Our hope is of course that you will enjoy the scent we send you.

Are all perfumes original?

Sniph, of course, only has authentic perfumes and buy them directly from the brands distributors or from the brands themselves. As a service to you, we decant the fragrance to our smaller monthly bottle. We agree with trademark owners to repackage their scents and our process follows the guidelines that apply to handling cosmetic products. We see ourselves almost as a wine bar: you tell us what you want, we’ll give you enough amount from the bottle.

Can you guarantee the safety?

Sniph buys fragrances from Swedish distributors or from the brands directly. Perfumes are by definition safe to use as intended when manufactured and labeled in accordance with EU regulations. The handling that happens then does not imply any health hazards, which Sniph has confirmed in a certificate from an approved safety assessor, a so-called, toxicologist. Sniph, in turn, labels the fragrances according to the original bottle label and has been approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency, which is the authority responsible for this process in Sweden. Of course, you should always check yourself so that you are not allergic to anything in the fragrances that we send to you.

How do I pay?

You pay by credit card when you become a member. Your card will be charged once a month, starting from the day you join. You will only receive the perfumes you've paid for. We will send out your fragrance as soon as we can after the payment has been processed. You're free to cancel your subscription at any time, but if a payment has been completed, we will fulfill your order. In some cases, specific terms of cancellation apply, however we will always inform you about these prior to ordering.

What is a collection?

A collection is a playlist for your nose. You choose the collection, we find the scents. We have developed our collections based on scent profiles, which in turn are based on surveys, our experience and careful fragrance curation. The perfumes you see on our site are examples of what you can expect to receive in a given collection. Our goal is to make it easy and fun for you, while catering to your perfume preferences and challenging you to try out new scents. 

How do I change my collection?

We will be happy to assist you in changing your collection if you wish. Drop us an e-mail at support@sniph.com and tell us what collection you want to switch to. Please remember to request your change of collection within 5 days prior to your next delivery, and we'll make sure it happens.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Sniph has no curing period! If you want to cancel your subscription, please e-mail support@sniph.com and we will take care of it, unless otherwise specified as part of a promotional offer. When you feel like coming back to us, just e-mail us or help yourself by logging into your personal page on sniph.co.uk .There, you're also free to skip any upcoming delivery that you do not want us to send off.

Is Sniph available for men?

Yes! We have created two collections for men: Work/Play & Aesthetic. If you need help to choose collection for yourself or for someone you love – we're here to help. Just e-mail support@sniph.com or post your question in the chat! Remember to give us your e-mail so we can get back to you if we're not available on the chat at the time.

How does Sniph classify perfumes?

It's hard to describe what something smells like and it's rare that we all experience the same thing. We know that. The more you learn about scents and their language, the more beautiful it will be. Therefore, as a first inspiration, you always get a description of your perfume and our assessment. For a more detailed description of how we select and classify your fragrances, read here.

Fragrance Group

Sniph categorises scents into four main groups. The overall impression determines what group your scent belongs to.

Scent wheel
  • Floral Fruit Chypre - Freshly cut flowers, fruity cocktails and fragrance 'umami': chypre
  • Creamy Vanilla Powder - Melt honey, desserts and soft velvet
  • Spicy Woody Musk - Spices, exotic wood and softish musk
  • Green Clean Citrus - Freshly cut grass, aromatic leaves and refreshing citrus


    You often love light scents right away. Complex scents may require a bit more patience. Like everything else, it's a matter of taste.

    Scent complexity



    Notes are a selection of thousands of things that a perfume could smell of. They can be divided into top, heart and base notes. But we're into simplicity so we mention three clear traits without saying too much about it.