Country Manager

What it takes

  • You’re a in the "know" — you have an understanding of the new market and you have an established and growing network.
  • Results are your best friend — being results driven is essential for this role… recognizing patterns and trends, adapting and shifting practices and operations is important to success in a new market.
  • You're a natural entrepreneur — you know what it takes to run a company and build a new market from the ground up.





Here we grow again!

Sniph is growing… fast! Our team is always looking for ways to grow and expand to new markets, which is why we are looking for leaders to spearhead this initiative. Expanding to a new market / region is very complex… it takes a well developed strategy that can be executed. It means building long lasting relationships with people of this region, adapting our company to the different customs and business practices,

The primary role of a Country Manager is to oversee the operations the company's affiliate in a particular country or region. Country Managers oversee logistics, develop new business and ensure profitability. They are responsible for building relationships with influencers, managing social media, recruiting staff and communicating with our headquarters consistently.

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