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Today I got my mail that contained my first package from you. Like a kid at christmas, I open the package and get my first Sniph. Whole me, my nose included, screamed of scent excitment, surprise and fullfilment.


Linda Eiwander

Student & Scent Lover


Got my second perfume. Love this service!


Satisfied customer


I'm so satisifed each time a new scent arrive at home, like christmas. I love exciting scents that noone else wear, so this service is perfect for me. I always got fast and pleasent feedback each time I contact their support.


Anna-Lena Norberg

Satisfied customer


If you are like me and want to have an unique smell, this service is for you! Everyone around me asking about my perfume! Super impressed and I'm always looking forward for next delivery.


Tom Sheard



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