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We follow the philosophy that scents make a greater difference in our lives than we can possibly imagine and that they affect us more than we realise. Scents evoke memories and emotions. They are an art and a personal expression at the same time. A certain scent can lift our mood when we need it - or take us far away when we least expect it.

When you subscribe to Sniph, you choose a perfume collection that suits you. We then curate and surprise you with perfumes from some of the world’s most sought-after fragrance houses. On a given month you may meet a crisp and fresh bergamot only to become best friends with a warm and cosy musk the next. Discover a new favorite scent. Again and again. Sniph provides a 8 ml stylish perfume case to conveniently carry in your handbag or back pocket and use all day for a full month.

Get started by choosing a collection, lean back and allow us to send you scents to fall in love with. Let us arrange your personal scent experience, as often as you like, for only £15.99 a month. No commitments.

Welcome to Sniph!

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Hear it from our members 

  • “Incredible scents. Feels delightful to receive a new scent every month. You never get bored. Easy to carry with you!” - Helene Humlekil 

  • “Love at the first Sniph! I’m speechless! My first perfume arrived today and I’m in love! Already excited for my next delivery! - Jessica Norberg 

    “Love the service, their customer support, their well curated selection of scents, not to mention the founders passion.” - Angelica Nordstrom

    "Scent illiterate as I am, I never would have found something that smells so divine as what I just received home. Fun to finally smell something different than Ralph Lauren!” - Emil Thorsell

    Lisa Kjellqvist and Tara Derakshan of Sniph

    About Lisa & Tara

    When we met, we instantly found each other in our mutual fascination for scents. Some sort of magic appeared when we realized that we both, throughout life, have had the same inclination toward scents and awareness of how they transform us. 

    With Sniph we get the chance to share some of our love for scents and what they do with us. Our goal is simple: Take you on a discovery journey to unravel new sides to yourself – with the help of amazing scents. 

    We hope that you will enjoy this experience and the perfumes we select for you. Therefore your feedback, your questions and your ideas are crucial for us in our development. Send us an email and let us know what you think, at info@sniph.com

    Lisa & Tara

    Daily Mail_ Sniph

    January 11 2018 "The latest fashion is to build up a ‘scent wardrobe’ of fragrances that can be tailored for each occasion".

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    December 26 2017 “Big brands have advocated having one signature scent for so long, to keep you coming back to one fragrance. However, the concept of finding your one and only ‘signature scent’ is outdated and actually quite a boring way of approaching the power of scents”.

    Sniph Harpers Bazaar

    December 19 2017 "Bespoke, personalised beauty products are set to be one of the biggest trends in 2018, as skincare, make-up and fragrance brands increasingly put you at the heart of what they do."


    November 21 2017 ”Subscription services are certainly the vogue right now...”