Avant-Garde  - Redeem Gift Card

Avant-Garde - Redeem Gift Card

Avant-Garde - Redeem Gift Card


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The unisex Avant-Garde collection brings you scents so experimental, you might not dare to wear them yourself...yet. Challenge yourself and the world around you with something a bit more complex and unusual. Avant-Garde takes you outside your comfort zone for a chance to stick out and discover sides of yourself you didn’t even know existed.

Previous fragrances selected for this collection include the New York based Gamine Parfums statement scent "Gamine EdP", which kicks off your senses with a mingle of cannabis, dark chocolate and cocky patchouli before landing in a never- ending afterparty. In contrast to the green and addictive coconut scent "Coccobello EdP", boldly unearthed by the Parisian Heeley Parfums. Tropical and humid with a splash of ocean salt—in a way you’ve never experienced it before, and will not soon forget.

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Sniph is a subscription service that makes it easy and fun to discover new scents. Every month we'll send you small bottles of brand name perfumes to be used in our smart case. The subscription starts at £9 a month, without commitments.